Glorious, this is what is called the most expensive bonbon in the world, the candy was shown in Óbidos on the last weekend of the International Chocolate Festival, where the public appreciated the exclusive chocolate coated gold and sold at 7728 euros.

The bonbon was presented to the public on April 17th and 18th, in what was the “second public appearance since its launch in 2015,” chocolatier master Daniel M. Gomes told Lusa.

To the equatorial black Valrhona chocolate, saffron filaments, white Perigord truffle, white truffle oil, Madagascar vanilla, gold flakes and … a secret ingredient are added to the interior. Finally, the bonbon is gold plated of 23 carats.

“It is a product in which we look for the most expensive ingredients for its preparation”, explained to author Daniel M. Gomes, who worked for about a year in the creation of the “exclusive and aimed at a luxury market” .

Glorious will have a limited edition of only a thousand chocolates, sold in a package that is “a work of art and almost like a jewelry”, which can be used after eating the candy.

The packaging consists of a black lacquered wooden base with gold serial number engraving and a crystal bell, coated with thousands of Swarovski crystals and pearls, ending with a gold ribbon handle.

The exclusivity of the product includes “the obligation not to divulge to whom the candies are sold,” said Daniel M. Gomes, revealing only the countries where Glorious arrived: the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Angola and Argentina. In Portugal, “contacts have already been made, but no sale has yet been made,” said the chocolatier.

The most expensive bonbon in the world, which in Óbidos will be in the tent of the sculptures surrounded by security guards, is made in Leiria, in Daniel’s Chocolate, but “kept in a secret place” and transported to countries where it has already been acquired with ” security and conservation, and with all security mechanisms activated until it reaches the customer’s home. ” To this day, he added, “none of us got broken.”