UP|rise is a collaboration between Rabble Dance Collective, a new company of fresh aerial and acrobatic talent, and The Courtship Proper, a Denver-based band best known for its riveting live performances. The show, already in rehearsals, will combine cirque-style aerial performance with dance, acrobatics, physical theater and a live, original score. Through gravity-defying performances on rope, trapeze, stilts, aerial fabric, and partner acrobalance, UP|rise will weave the intricate story of a community trying to rebuild after a significant disaster. Performances will be held at the Atlas Black Box Theatre in Boulder, Colorado, at the end of June.

Rabble Dance was founded in 2013 by five students of Frequent Flyers Productions professional training program. The group decided that after making individual pieces for its final school shows, it wanted to take on the larger challenge of producing an evening-length, narrative show. What better way to learn about how to make a professional show than to do it? Bringing strengths and experience in athletics and performance (including circus, dance, ice skating, Ultimate Frisbee, and theater, to name a few) as well as the business side of the arts (marketing, branding, media, design), the members of Rabble Dance Collective are well-poised to produce their first show together.

Because UP|rise centers on community-building and sustainability, we wanted the show to benefit an organization whose goals lined up with those themes. We found the perfect match in Sprout City Farms, a Denver non-profit that works to strengthen its community through a locally-maintained farm at Denver Green School. The farm provides fresh produce for the school, offers CSA shares, and donates food to qualifying families. 100% of the proceeds of UP|rise ticket sales will go to help Sprout City Farms.

We need your help to make this show a reality. This Kickstarter will cover the costs of the show so that ticket sale proceeds go to Sprout City Farms. While we are relying heavily on borrowed equipment and donated time (for which we’re extremely grateful), we need funds to cover some crucial production expenses. Our goal of $2,200 would cover the cost of rehearsal space for five weeks, rigging equipment necessary to hang from the ceiling safely, low-cost marketing, and a tech crew for the performance. Anything beyond that goal will help us offer small stipends to more of our crew, and cover any additional rehearsal and equipment costs.